Wehr Ancestors

Our branch of the Wehr family came to America on Nov 24, 1740 when Simon Wehr arrived on the Ship Loyal Judith.

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I have been working on the Wehr Genealogy for many years the trees linked below are a result of that work. They have the similar information presented in different formats

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Wehr Family Trees

                                    Ancestor Tree                              Pedigree Tree

Jacob Wehr and Rachael Krumm                

1801-1875            1807-1880             photo taken about 1874

Thomas Wehr and Catharine Fritz            

1834-1908                1839-1883         photo appears to be about 1870's

Thomas Wehr was the third son of Jacob and Rachael Wehr, pictured above.

Nathan Wehr and Mary Ann Gombert       

1841-1930              unknown dates    photo appears to be about 1870's

Nathan Wehr was the fourth son of Jacob and Rachael Wehr, pictured above.

Joseph Wehr                                            

1847-1909                                          photo appears to be about 1870's

Joseph Wehr was the sixth son of Jacob and Rachael Wehr

Mary Wehr (I believe this is Maria Wehr)  

1826-unknown This picture was identified as Mary Wehr, Jacob and Rachael have a daughter Maria, I believe this is her.      photo appears to be about 1870-1880's