Jeffrey M Padell PH3 USN 

Jeff joined the US Navy in 1972 during Vietnam.  His draft number was 365, his recruiter couldn't believe that he wanted to join up. However he asked for and was promised he would be Photography School and would become a US Navy Photographer. Jeff had always loved photography and felt this would be a great job in the navy. He went to bootcamp in Orlando Florida. After bootcamp he was sent to Pensacola Florida to the Navy Photo School. After photo school he was transferred to the Naval Air Station, Pensacola Florida. In 1975 he was transferred to the USS Independence CV-62, where he stayed until he got out of the Navy in September of 1976.

Jeff on board CV-62 1975

The pictures below where taken by Jeff in Pensacola, the home of the Blue Angels.


When assigned to the USS Independence Jeff did a Med Cruise. The 2 pictures below are from that cruise. The one on the left was taken at Genoa Italy and the other was taken at sea off the coast of Spain.



The Independence was of the Forrestal class of super carriers.